I could not of asked for a better attorney. Through the ups and downs Nick stood by my side and guided me through the process. It was a long 8 months and Nick was always there to help. I am so thankful for making that call to him. I would highly recommend contacting the firm to anyone in need of legal assistance.

- Tim Mac McLennan II

If you are looking for a lawyer to actually fight for you and protect you anyway possible I highly recommend Nicholas! He is a very intelligent and aggressive attorney to get what has to be done! He went above and beyond to meet my needs as a lawyer and is just all around somebody you can really trust. 5 Star attorney very easy!

- Carl Gallagher

Somberg Law wins! Very accessible. Takes on corruption and fights for the common man. Somberg law fights for the law and supports the constitution. I strongly recommend Somberg law!!!!

- Jason Mcclanahan

Mr Somberg is a excellent lawyer and has assisted my clients with documents they have needed. He is very knowledgeable in several areas of law. I would highly recommend him.

- Tammy Campbell

Highly recommend, fights for your justice, knows what he is doing and definitely worth the call

- Louis Lucido

True defender or truth and liberty. He hold know punches and isn’t afraid to get the job done. Unanimous not guilty verdict on three counts one count excused. This man saved my life today and words will never thank him enough

- Robert Fenstemaker

Not only a GREAT Lawyer, But an amazing down to earth Knowledgeable Human Being as well. If theirs any lawyer that deserves recognition, it is this man himself and the whole group along side of him. 5 stars because he will get the job done to the Best of his, and your capabilities as well. 5 stars allll day

- Keoni Koch

I’d trust somberg with any case for anybody I knew. These are great people, and I’d recommend them to anybody who needed excellent and reliable legal help. They truly fight for their clients.

- Cody Jostock

Very professional will fight for your rights, and makes every client feel like a top priority. One of the best up coming lawyers out there. I would recommend Somberg law to anyone looking for hard working, honest, and dedicated lawyer.

- Dale McRill

Lawyer that cares about people and their rights. God Bless.

- Jennifer Tipton Watchmaker

Are you looking for a lawyer that will fight for your freedom or your liberties? Call Nicholas Somberg, he will give it his all to fight for you.

- Tim Lagios

He cares more about peoples rights than anyone I have met. Plus you have to trust a man that can grow a beard that fierce!

- Jeffery Hagadorn