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DUI Attorney in Bingham Farms, Michigan

Charged With Driving Under the Influence?

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A DUI charge is far more serious than your average traffic violation. If you're convicted, you could be ordered to pay a hefty fine, serve jail time, and even lose your license.

At Somberg Law, PLLC, we're dedicated to providing the best defense possible for our clients. If you're facing DUI charges, call our office in Birmingham Farms, Michigan to speak with a DUI attorney right away.

Are Your Driving Privileges in Jeopardy?

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3 Factors that Can Influence Your DUI Case

You can depend on Somberg Law, PLLC for comprehensive legal representation when you're fighting a DUI charge. We have the experience needed to put together a solid case. When we're building your DUI defense, we'll consider:

  • The arresting officer's initial report

  • The results of your breathalyzer test

  • Any eyewitness reports

A trial lawyer from our firm can stand by you in court and present your case. To get started on your DUI defense, schedule an appointment with a DUI attorney in the Bingham Farms, Michigan area today.

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