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Criminal Defense Attorney in Bingham Farms, Michigan


Assertive Criminal Defense in Bingham Farms, Michigan

If you've been charged with criminal activity, you know that the stakes are high. During this overwhelming and uncertain time in your life, it's natural to feel like no one is in your corner to help secure your freedom and peace of mind. This is exactly the time to reach out to skilled litigators and excellent legal guidance.

Our firm, Somberg Law, PLLC, works aggressively to make sure you are in a position to seek the best outcome possible. Your felony or misdemeanor charges won't wait, and so we approach them head-on. We will look at every part of your case to create a defense that will properly present your side of the story. Proudly serving Bingham Farms, as well as Rochester Hills and Waterford, Michigan, we take criminal defense seriously.

Trust Somberg Law, PLLC with your case involving a felony or misdemeanor:

  • Drug possession

  • DUI

  • Aggravated assault

  • Assault with a deadly weapon

  • Juvenile Defense

Start building your criminal defense right away. Call for a free consultation because your future and your freedom are too valuable to ignore.

Attorney Nick Somberg stands up for you rights

Enter the Courtroom Fully Prepared for Your Case

We understand how confusing and stressful criminal cases can be. That's why we work hard to ease your worries by keeping you fully informed, in and out of the courtroom. As dedicated criminal defense attorneys, we keep the lines of communication open, fighting hard for injustice every step of the way. Don't hesitate to start creating a strategy for your defense today with the guidance of aggressive attorneys who won't back down. Our goal is to take charge, striving to bring you a favorable outcome and peace of mind. At Somberg Law, PLLC, your case is too important to take for granted.

Schedule a free consultation with skilled lawyers in Bingham Farms, Michigan today. Our skilled and ambitious criminal defense attorneys are eager to fight for you and your rights under the law. If you're in Bingham Farms, Bloomfield Hills, Rochester Hills, or Waterford, Michigan, it's time to take the next step and fight for the freedom you know you deserve.

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