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Juvenile Defense Attorneys in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

A Juvenile defendant is treated differently than an adult. In Juvenile court, the goal is the rehabilitation of the minor, not punishment for a crime. Unfortunately, one youthful mistake can have lasting consequences in the future for a young person. A misdemeanor or felony conviction will cast a negative light on any job or college application. I understand there is nothing more important to a young person than their future. I will fight for you or your son or daughter as I would for my own. The first goal is to fight to get the criminal charges dropped. If that isn’t possible, a plan goes into place immediately to minimize the end consequences of a criminal charge.

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No mistake should stop a person from achieving success in their future. There are options to negotiate deferred, non-conviction sentences for misdemeanors and felony charges which will stop a juvenile charge from carrying over into a person’s adult life.