Set yourself and your children up for success

Hire a child support & alimony attorney in Birmingham, MI

If you just divorced a spouse who you have children with, your next step should be to contact Somberg Law, PLLC about child support ASAP. Attorney Somberg understands the rules concerning child support in Birmingham, MI. Child support is determined based on a number of factors, including:

  • How old the children are 
  • How long you and your spouse were married 
  • Both parents’ incomes 
  • The health of both parents 

Attorney Somberg will help you set up a fair and equitable system that benefits your children. Call 248-270-5979 today to set up a consultation at his firm in Birmingham, MI. 

If you spent your marriage taking care of the home and your children, you’re probably further behind in your career prospects than some of your peers. Your sacrifice probably helped your spouse get to a higher level in his or her career than would have been possible without you, too. 

After a divorce, it’s not fair for you, the lower earner, to have to start from scratch. Alimony helps you maintain the standard of living you helped to create for your family. If you believe you’re entitled to alimony after your divorce, contact Somberg Law, PLLC today.