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Divorce gets even more complicated and messy when there are children involved. If you and your spouse have separated, you will need a family lawyer to help you determine proper custody. Trust Somberg Law, PLLC to examine your situation thoroughly and help you come to a solution that’s in your children’s best interests. 

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3 Things to know about child custody in Michigan

If you’ve never gone through this process before, there’s probably a lot you don’t know about custody. Here are a few of the biggest things you need to know:
1. There’s a difference between legal custody and physical custody. Physical custody refers to the parent or guardian the children will live with. Legal custody refers to the parent or guardian who can make decisions on behalf of the children. 
2. You can petition for either joint or sole custody of your children. If you have sole custody, you’re the only parent with legal responsibilities, excluding child support. If you choose joint custody, the parents share the legal responsibilities of childrearing. 
3. You may require a lawyer to help you determine a visitation schedule for the parent without custody. Most standard schedules give each parent every other week and splits up holidays. 
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